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We use cookies to perform statistical analysis, authenticate the user's session and improve navigation. You can configure these cookies from your “cookie settings, in which case navigation and website services may be limited. By clicking "agree" and continuing to browse the Individuando website, you are agreeing to the use of cookies. Your sent contacts, such as emails and telephone numbers, will be protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Data Protection and Rights of Owners.  




Our aim is to provide an even more transparent experience to the user who accesses and uses our Platform, explaining the concept of cookies, how we use them and the possibilities for customizing their use. If you do not agree with the use of cookies in the way presented, the user may adjust the settings of his internet browser to not allow their use.  

Attention: By disabling the use of cookies, your experience on our website may be harmed.  


Cookies are small digital files in text format that are stored on the user's electronic device when he accesses our website. Cookies are generally used to store information related to your preferences or characteristics, such as preferred language, location, recurrence of sessions and other variables that we consider relevant to make your experience much more efficient.  



Cookies serve to improve the user experience, both in terms of performance and in terms of usability, since the content made available will be directed to your needs and expectations.  

They can also be used to perform anonymous statistics that allow us to understand how users use our platform, as well as to improve its structures and content. Because they are anonymous statistics, after your identification, we will no longer store your personal information.  




Necessary Cookies: These are cookies that enable navigation in our applications and access to all available resources. Through the use of these cookies, the user will be able to access secure areas of our website using login and password.  


Performance or Analytics Cookies: collect personal data for statistical purposes and anonymize them in order to analyze the use of the platform and its respective performance. This type of cookie is essential for us to maintain a positive performance, such as: understanding which information is most accessed and checking the reason for errors presented on the pages.  


Functionality Cookies: These are cookies that memorize user preferences and choices. By using these cookies, for example, the user will not need to type his name each time he accesses the website, as well as receiving alerts and information previously requested.  

Advertising Cookies: These are cookies that target advertising/ads depending on the interests of each user and allow you to limit the number of times the ad is displayed.  


Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies that remain on file until the user leaves our website or closes the browser.  


Persistent Cookies: These are cookies that are stored on the user's device until they are deleted (the time the cookie will remain on the device depends on its "validity" and the settings of your internet browser). These are the cookies that are used to access our website, showing the most relevant and personalized content according to the User's interests.  



We currently only use one type of cookie on our website: Google Analytics.  


Google Analytics is a tool that helps us understand how our users interact on the website, providing us with an access report, which includes: information that the user accessed, the time spent on each page of the website, the location of the user/device , characteristics related to your professional performance, personal preferences, interests and behavior.  


Google Analytics collects, but does not store, the personal data of the user who has accessed our website, as such data is anonymized after collection. In light of the foregoing, this cookie is classified as “Analytical or Performance”.  

It is worth mentioning, in addition, that the information will only be collected for the period in which the user is browsing the site, being classified as a Session Cookie.  


Finally, it is important to clarify that the Individuando website also provides social media plugins that allow the user to access them from our address. Thus, in doing so, the cookies used by them may be stored in your browser.  


If you want more information about how each of these networks uses cookies, the user should consult their privacy and personal data protection policies, and they are responsible for ensuring compliance with the rights provided for in the LGPD. For information purposes, we provide the following links, from which the privacy and cookie policies adopted by some of the main social networks can be consulted:  


- Facebook: 

– Twitter: 

- Instagram: 

– Youtube: 

– Google+: 

– Pinterest: 

– LinkedIn:  






Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. 

The user can change the settings to block its use or alert you when a cookie is being sent to your electronic device. 

There are several ways to manage cookies. Consult your browser's instructions or help section, tools or edit, to learn more about adjusting or changing these settings. 

Below are some links to the most popular browsers:  

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