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We use practical and relevant tools, capable of breaking old paradigms, provoking profound behavioral changes and developing self-responsibility.


ICRC Buenos Aires

Workshop / Experiences &  experiences

Context:  A team made up of different people, from different cultures and nationalities, with the objective of meeting the communication demands of the Americas of the International Committee of the Red Cross. The cultural complexity allied to the physical distance between the members influenced the loss of team feeling and collaboration.

Solution:  We bring together all team members, including leadership,  for an exclusive experience of a whole day, outside the office, with activities that worked on important points of leadership, collaboration, empathy and connection. It was a moment where everyone could hear and be heard without hierarchical filters, collaboratively building ways for the ICRC Buenos Aires office to act in the recovery of team feeling among them.

CICR Individuando - Taller El Arte de Pe

Wiz Strategic Planning

Workshop / Strategic Planning

Context:  Wiz needed to develop its strategic planning in an impactful, creative and innovative way, hallmarks of its culture. The guiding question was: how to involve so many people in the construction of a collaborative strategic planning?


From meetings with teams, middle managers and directors, we open possibilities and structure the vision they have for the business, mapping the main convergences, gaps,

strengths and points of attention.

From the construction of exclusive tools and creative dynamics, we support Wiz in the construction and definition of guidelines and objectives

planning, in addition to engaging and communicating the final result to all employees. 

PE 2020 Wiz 13 12 Individuando -_-78.jpg

TBA Connection Program

Corporate Program

Context: The partners of the renowned law firm Torreão Braz Advogados faced the challenge of developing their leadership, communication and teamwork skills in a practical and relevant way.

Solution:  We designed the exclusive TBA Connection Program, consisting of meetings with the entire group, individual sessions with partners and mentoring to carry out actions in the areas of culture, communication, excellence, people and customers. We divided the program into 5 interdependent cycles, with the following macro themes:

1) Change & Transformation Management

2) Self-management & Self-knowledge

3) People Management and Collaboration

4) Excellence & Quality Management

5) Customer and Results Management

Torreão Braz Advogados.png

Field Force Nissan

Corporate Program / Workshops

Context: Nissan Global developed a new Development Program for its leaders around the world and needed a partner to understand, translate and adapt it to the Brazilian reality. The initial 3 phases of the project took place in Mexico City with Nissan representatives from all over Latin America.

Solution:  After contacting the contents and sharing ideas and experiences with several Nissan representatives, we built a version suited to the profile and needs of Nissan Brasil, in addition to including content, activities and experiences that were not in the original material. This integration between the original material and the innovations proposed by Individuando served as a model for other Nissan countries, in addition to achieving the highest satisfaction rate and 100% of the participants certified in the Program.


Field Force Nissan maio 18 a jan 19 6.JPG


Conventions & Events / Experiences and Experiences

Context:  After a positive year, Telmec decided to launch an even bigger challenge for its team and, with the positive analysis of the market, increased the target tenfold. With this challenge, there was a need to communicate, engage and the self-responsibility, belonging and leadership of the entire team.

Solution:  In partnership with the board, we created a large 2-day Convention at a Hotel Fazenda near Brasília. We designed the entire experience, from the event jersey and the transport of the team, to the details of the challenges that each member needed to perform during the Convention.  We address strategic and technical content, in addition to building practical experiences to reinforce and develop interaction, decision-making and the engagement of everyone with Telmec's goals.


peru (1).png

Flavors & Knowledge

experiences and  Experiences / Workshops

Context: Muni, a company specialized in experience travel, wanted to build a trip within South America that would provide participants with a unique and exclusive experience, integrating well-being, gastronomy, self-knowledge and art.  


We participate from the entire conception to the completion of the trip. We chose Peru as our destination and  We designed a complete and detailed experience, considering the different possibilities of the country and the different profiles of travelers.

The end result was an exclusive trip, with deep and special experiences, integrating the history, beauty, art, gastronomy and Peruvian people.

practices such as Mindfulness, Yoga and Systemic Constellation.  


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