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The movement to awaken the best in yourself

We connect with organizations looking for a new look, committed to oxygenating their system and promoting profound changes in their teams and business

Our purpose is to support People and Organizations in their transformation processes through creative and systemic solutions.

For the Individual Client we offer the application of tools of self-knowledge and personal and professional transformation. For the Corporate Client we offer extensive experience in Consulting and development and implementation of programs and workshops for business, leaders and teams from all over Brazil.

And why Individuando? Our name originates from Carl Jung's concept, Individuation, a process by which everyone can develop through self-knowledge to awaken the best of themselves, become a complete individual, a whole human being. This is our mission: to offer tools, insights and solutions that allow the Individual Client and the Corporate Client the possibility to do their best, to reach the maximum of their potential! We believe deeply in this possibility, resulting from the integration of::

  • Knowledge and Intuition

  • Individual and Collective

  • Conscious and Unconscious

  • Rational, Emotional and Spiritual

  • “Looking in” and “Looking out”

In short, we believe (and act) in the search for the middle path, the path of real Transformation.

Started by Leo Vitorino


Consultant, Facilitator, Mentor and International Trainer, specialist in change management and transformation projects, neurolearning, business model, development of leaders and teams, systemic constellations and mindfulness.
Worked in large companies in the areas of communication, people management, commercial, operations and innovation.
In the last 13 years he has served as a facilitator and consultant in corporate programs implemented in companies throughout Brazil such as Ambev, Nissan, Natura, Atlas Schindler, Central Bank, CNI, Sebrae, International Committee of the Red Cross and others.
He is currently Executive Director of Individuando Transformation Human and Corporate and Transformation and Quality Manager at SERNISSAN, Nissan's Excellence program in Brazil.

Our partners

We believe and work in synergy with the powerful force of synchronicity and develop an approach that integrates objective and subjective aspects to generate results.


Marcos Garcia

Graphic design

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