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Pedagogical Meeting at Avidus School

Being back at the Avidus School, which in its second year of operation has achieved incredible numbers due to the excellent work it has done with teachers, employees, students and their families, brings us a very good feeling. First, we are sure that looking at the human side makes a lot of difference in this place and clearly success is allied to this point. Second, we are honored by the invitation to continue the work started in 2019. 🙏

This year we brought lessons that help these educators continue to shine, recognizing the work done so far, projecting a bright future, even greater for everyone. We talk about the concepts of Efficiency and Effectiveness, we share some things we believe and admire about the Israeli professor Yuval Noah Harari and among many other subjects, we managed to look at the exciting story of who revolutionized education, Maria Montessori. ✨ Thank you, Avidus. Being with you was refreshing! We are sure that our children's future is in good hands with you. 💙


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